Testimonials (voluntary, signed consents on file)

“Barbara Coffee takes a very personal approach to therapy. She makes you feel like not only does she understand what you are going through, she also really cares. Then she uses her knowledge and expertise using proven therapy methods to help you through your issues.” — J.J.

“Barbara is a very knowledgeable counselor who blends an interactive style with a family attitude and personal touch to identify and resolve mental health issues. She has the patient accept responsibility by creating a ‘to do’ list and assigning tasks to complete before the next session, as they work to achieve wellness and stability.” — E.M.

“Barbara Coffee literally helped change my life. I started seeing her in 2006 when my post traumatic stress disorder and depression where taking over my life. My uncle was a pedophile priest who had sexually abused me for 11 years. It was largely because of Barbara that he was arrested and sent to jail. She coached me through this difficult time and helped me work with the police to do the right thing and come forward. Barbara was loving, patient, and inspiring at this time. She recommended all the right books and resources that helped me through this challenging time. Barbara helped support my husband by giving him an outlet and safe place to discuss his feelings. She was a true Godsend.” — J.F.

“Barbara Coffee is an exceptional therapist. She has gone over and above to get me through the one of the most difficult times in my life. I think this past year was actually the worst ever. I had no self-esteem, hated myself and did not want to live. Thanks to Barbara, I found the strength to stick in there and to keep on living. It is a slow process, but I do believe, with her help, I am more than on the road to recovery.” — N.M.

“When I met Barbara she was counselor number eight or so. I was a mess, my life had no direction. I was angry with the world, and wasn’t sure it was worth being in. She allowed me hope for achieving goals no other counselor would and so we worked for nearly 2.5 years together, meeting weekly. With her patient compassion, enthusiasm for counseling and thoughtful guidance, she helped me to put myself back together and lay a foundation to be a productive person. Today, I have my Masters in Counseling and Psychology and am a licensed mental health counselor. I wanted everything that I had been through, all that I had learned, to also serve others’ growth. Thanks, Barbara, for believing in me when literally no one else would, and for being a major reason I am who I am today.” — C.K.K.