Using the services of a counselor is much like using the services of an accountant, attorney, or personal trainer — you benefit from using a professional’s education and training to attain your best, fastest results. A professional psychotherapist can guide you toward real life transformation. Nothing is quite like when someone is there, giving 100% of their attention to YOU and YOUR needs and feelings. There really is no need to “go it alone.” Complete confidentiality is ensured (with rare exceptions, such as danger to self or others).

Dr. Coffee specializes in all types of couples counseling, utilizing advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), proven by research to be 75-95% effective, compared with the average relationship counseling techniques most therapists use, which are only 20-30% effective. EFT is a respectful and warm method of helping couples resolve conflict with a very practical approach. It is a method that views relationship issues through the couple’s own realities and experiences, getting right to the heart of the matter, to help create the lasting change they are looking for.

Dr. Coffee also has in-depth training and education helpful to survivors of sexual abuse. She can guide children, adult survivors and the whole family through the emotional healing process while providing insight into the legal system.



Coaching is ideal for the high-functioning client who may just need an accountability partner to ensure his or her success. Dr. Coffee has a knack for recognizing people’s potential and nudging them to be honest with themselves — and to push HIGHER. She uses a personalized life coaching which is positive, present and future goals oriented.

Dr. Coffee is now providing dating coaching. Online dating has become the new norm these days and Dr. Coffee can guide you in putting your best foot forward to help you find the partner you desire, who is also good for you.



Dr. Coffee can relate to the challenges faced by managers, supervisors and human resources directors. She has worked as a Human Resources Director in the past and helped many others since. Dr. Coffee brings to the table the education and training to facilitate conflict solutions in the workplace and provide on-site critical incident debriefings in the wake of a serious crisis situations such as death, robbery, or natural disaster. Plan your next “Lunch & Learn” to include a presentation by Dr. Barbara Coffee that is customized specifically to your business needs. She can address various topics including stress & time management training.