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Are you seeking guidance and support when it comes to navigating the ups and downs of relationships? Trying to decide if a relationship is worth saving? Dr. Coffee is here to help. Based in St. Petersburg, I offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs.

Not all counselors are trained in relational research supported models and techniques. These will increase your chances of success significantly. Relationships require more than the spark of initial chemistry. They require communication, conflict resolution, & compromising skills to ensure that spark is reignited and can stand the tests of life for the long term.

As an experienced clinical therapist with a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy, I can help you effectively identify and work through your issues. I provide a wide range of services, such as premarital and marital counseling, divorce recovery counseling, and infidelity counseling.

Individuals, couples, and families often have unique needs, which can be addressed through other specialized strategies. Some of these services include teaching forgiveness (does not imply condoning poor behavior) and acceptance, creating a more harmonious environment, and increasing personal and relational growth.

Although I am able to help with a wide range of mental health needs and issues, each client comes with their own unique struggles. The first session includes an indepth assessment of your history, strengths and challenges to ensure we develop the best treatment plan for achieving the results you desire.

Research shows that being able to bond with your therapist is the biggest indicator of success, I offer a free phone consultation to ensure I'm the best person to meet your needs and expectations. Each session is custom designed to help you achieve the goals you have towards living your best life.

So, if you feel that you may like the guidance and support of a licensed expert to get faster results, don’t wait any longer and please book your session now or contact us at (727) 800-2663.This could be the first step in helping you achieve the success you deserve.

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You can schedule your first appointment for tailored counseling and coaching services by clicking the book now button. Please send a message if you have any other questions. I'm eager to assist you on your journey to healing and success!